Breakfast Menu

Eye Openers

Endless coffee   $2.29

Hot Chocolate   $2.79

Espresso   $3.29

Dopppio   $4.99

Café Latte    $3.99

Iced Cappuccino   $3.99

Hot Tea   $2.29

Juice   $2.79

Capppuccino   $3.79

Café Mocha   $3.99

Iced Mocha   $3.99

Mochaccino   $3.79

French Vanilla -Cappuccino with Vanilla & Cinnamon   $4.29

Cappuccino Royale-Add Amaretto. Frangelico or Baileys    $8.29

Beach House Bloody Mary   $9.79

A huge 21 oz Cup Filled with top secret ingredients for the Best Bloody Mary you have ever tried! Made with New Amsterdam vodka. With a jumbo shrimp!

Bloody Caesar   $8.49

Clamato Juice. Olive juice. &New Amsterdam Vodka. A Canadian Classic ! How bout one EHH?

Bloody Cadillac   $13.99

This is the Cadillac of Bloody Mary’s ! made with Grey Goose & topped with lobster!

Bloody Bacon   $8.49

Traditional Bloody mary with Bacon & Jalpenos

Terminator   $8.49

Not for the weak! This Bloody mary is extra Spicy!

Ruddy mary   $8.49

Take out the vodka & add Bombay Gin

Bloody maria   $8.49

Try this south of the Border version of the Bloody mary made with EI Jimador Tequila

Bacon Bourbon Bloody   $8.99

Bloody mary with Bourbon?? OH Yes! Amust try with Bacon & Jim Beam

Start your day with a Mimosa!

Traditional mimosa $6.99

Served with a Champagne Split & Orange Juice

Hibiscus mimosa   $6.99

Served with a Champagne Split & Cranberry Juice.. A must try!

Poinsettia   $8.99

Grand Marnier & Cranberry Jice with Chamagne Split

Blushing Mimosa   $6.99

The sweet mimosa with orange juice. Pineapple jice & a champagne split

Strawberry lemon Basil mimosa   $7.49

With Basil Leaves. Fresh strawberries, fresh agave & lemon. This is a sweet trail!

Orange Cream Momosa   7.49

A creamy version of the original. Made with orange juice. Creame with champagne