What Lake Worth, Vero Beach, And Jensen Beach Restaurants Have In Common

What Lake Worth, Vero Beach, And Jensen Beach Restaurants Have In Common

In the title of this blog, we posed a question without really posing a question. So we’ll just ask the question now: What do Lake Worth restaurants, Vero Beach restaurants, and Jensen Beach restaurants all have in common? The short answer is a Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill to boast about. The long answer is a bit more involved than that, which is what we are going to spend today’s blog post talking about!

Why should you care? That’s another decent question, we aren’t going to lie. But honestly, the most likely reason you’ve found this post is looking for a high-quality seafood restaurant in Lake Worth, Vero Beach, or Jensen Beach. Perhaps you typed into your smartphone something to the effect of “fish restaurant near me,” or maybe you were looking for a “family-friendly seafood restaurant in Lake Worth.” Better yet, maybe you were just surfing the world wide web and happened upon this blog post by chance.

We don’t discriminate. That’s not our job. Our job is to serve up flavorful menu items that never fail to surprise or delight local Floridians and passers-through alike! So whether you are a tourist or a Southeastern Florida native, we are confident that you’ll find something you’ll like at Mulligan’s, a full-service seafood joint that offers happy hour, family night, and world-class atmosphere — no matter which of our locations you’ve elected to try out that night.

About Mulligan’s – The Top Seafood Restaurant Around

Jensen Beach, Vero Beach, Lake Worth, and a few other locations around the area are able to boast a Mulligan’s. At the risk of tooting our own horns here, we are pretty proud of the setup we’ve got going on, from the fresh seafood dishes to the waterfront views most every Mulligan’s location has. So Allow us to provide a bit of backstory about Mulligan’s and our humble beginnings some 21 years ago!

Founded in 1997, Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill was established by George Hart. With a mission of providing exceptional seafood, a great time for everyone, and a family-oriented atmosphere, George Hart is now a 30+ year veteran of the restaurant industry. His dream was and is to expand Mulligan’s into a Florida-wide restaurant chain — one that’s a household name for any Florida family that loves seafood!

With multiple locations, we are well on our way to fulfilling Mr. Hart’s original dream. And though we will always look to improve our quality while expanding our reach, one of the best aspects of being a part of Mulligan’s is that George has never lost sight of the most important things in life (yes, there are more important things that King Crab Leg and succulent Mahi Mahi, believe it or not). George has a massive heart, as he gives back to his community in a wide variety of ways. More than anything else, George loves his two children, Austin and Gracie, who are the greatest joys in his life.

Recently, JPB Capital Partners has come onboard the Mulligan’s team. A leading equity investor for lower-middle market companies, JPB Capital Partners has deployed over $200 million across 36 food, beverage, personal care, and restaurant companies across the nation. We are lucky to have them along with us on this journey. Not only are they great to work with, but their efforts have also helped us be able to continue to expand into other parts of the great state of Florida. All that has the net effect of more people experiencing the world-class seafood dining experience that is Mulligan’s!

Private Events: Jensen, Lake Worth And Vero Are Your Choices

Imagine unbelievable ocean views, blue Atlantic skies, and a tropical atmosphere you won’t soon forget at your own private event. If that sounds decent, and you are looking for a seafood restaurant that can accommodate private parties or events, we recommend inquiring about availability at our Lake Worth, Jensen and Vero Beach locations. Jensen comfortably seats 40 guests while Vero Beach can hold up to 45. Lake Worth, not to be forgotten, has two separate outdoor private areas that both offer wonderful views of the lake. What’s more, our Lake Worth fish restaurants boasts a north-side patio that accommodates 40 guests along with a west-side patio that can seat up to 50! Check out our private dining resource for more information.

Why We Love These Locations

Let’s flip the conversation on its head a little bit now. We love Lake Worth, Jensen Beach, and Vero Beach, and are proud to be able to call our Mulligan’s locations home there. Each community is unique with plenty to offer folks who call it home or are merely passing through.

  • Lake Worth offers Lake Worth Beach Park, Snook Islands, John Prince Park, and a historic Old Town Commercial District that will never fail to intrigue.
  • Jensen Beach is right on the water. The community boasts around 12,000 people along with a wealth of attractions that out-of-towners frequently flock here to experience. From Savannas Preserve State Park Environmental Education Center to Indian Riverside Park to the Sailfish Splash Waterpark, the whole family will find something to love at Jensen Beach. Just make sure you end the day with some seafood (or landfood, to be fair) at Mulligan’s!
  • Vero Beach boasts a wide variety of attractions. Quite frequently in fact, people come to Florida and end up not leaving Vero Beach if that’s where they are staying! Not only is the waterfront itself spectacular, but there is the Vero Beach Museum of Art, McKee Botanical Garden, Royal Palm Pointe Park, and Jaycee Park — a great shoreline spot for swimming and picnicking!

Come See Us Soon!

Come see us at Mulligan’s no matter what part of Southeastern Florida you find yourself in. We promise it will be well worth the drive. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner, 365-days out of the year, we are here serving up much more than delicious seafood. Come for the fun, food, and atmosphere, go take a nap, and come back for happy hour! View our menu here.

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Crafting The Perfect Mulligan’s Meal


Whether you are familiar with our local seafood restaurants or not, you could probably take a wild guess and figure that we are decidedly passionate about our seafood here at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill. But if you’ve ever read one of our blog posts, or indeed, have come to one of our Mulligan’s tropical restaurant locations, you’ll know that our enthusiasm for a high-quality meal, with seafood as its centerpiece, goes more into the realm of certifiably obsessive than anything else.

We’ve offered up seafood recipes and methods to select and prepare crab along with our other blog posts of the past. We’ve taken to the habit of highlighting some of our favorite recreational activities in areas that are close to our seafood restaurant locations in Jensen Beach, Lake Worth, Vero Beach, and beyond. But today, we are going to keep the conversation dialed-in on what folks can look forward to when dining at Mulligan’s. We are sure we’ll get back to a variety of subjects in future posts, but for now, keep reading as we describe some wonderful flavor combinations that the top seafood restaurant around recommend you try out the next time you walk through our doors!

Visualizing The Perfect Evening At Mulligan’s

Mulligan’s is a full-service, family-friendly restaurant that is open 365-days a year for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And while most people probably aren’t going to eat all three meals of the day at our fine establishment, those of us who work at Mulligan’s clearly aren’t “most people.” You might be able to notice that fact from our smiling faces that greet you whenever you walk through our doors, but if you hadn’t yet noticed that, at least we are all now on the same page.

That said, let’s imagine that you have such a wild hankering for seafood that you will dine at Mulligan’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner — all in the same day. You can go out and about and enjoy the beautiful Atlantic coast, but once you’ve worked up an appetite you’ll be able to return back to home base for some world-class seafood, cocktails, and beyond. Let’s take a look at what you’ll start the day with.

Breakfast Favorites

While you can find our wide selection of breakfast, appetizers, soups & salads, sandwiches & sliders, entrees, and drinks on our seafood restaurant menu, you could also let us do the picking for you. When it comes to breakfast menu items, we offer much more than exclusively seafood dishes.  Some of our favorite non-seafood options are listed below:

  • Breakfast Platter – Two Eggs any Style, Two Sausage Patties, two Bacon Strips, Home Fries & Toast
  • Almond Cranberry French Toast – Our thick French toast topped with sliced almonds & cranberries with a hint of cinnamon. If you have a sweet tooth, or even a semi-sweet tooth, give this unique creation a try. You won’t be disappointed!
  • Chicken & Waffles – A southern classic; crispy chicken on top of a large Belgian waffle topped with sausage gravy
  • Casino Sandwich – Try this scrambled egg with your choice of sausage, bacon or ham with melted cheese on a toasted ciabatta roll.
  • Steak n’ Egg Bagel – Sliced steak, scrambled eggs, Swiss cheese & onions served on a toasted Bagel. You might need to take a nap after this one — fair warning!
  • Sunrise Omelette – Spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and Swiss cheese topped with Hollandaise sauce. The flavor combination is subtle yet delectable.

Breakfast For Seafood Lovers

  • Lox & Bagel – A classic done the right way; smoked salmon with capers and cream cheese.
  • Monster Fish & Chips – Our Famous Fish & Chips is great any time of the day! Get the fried white fish with fries and vinegar that you’ve been craving!
  • Crab Cake Benedict – Are you a fan of Jumbo Lump Crab? Have you never tried Jumbo Lump Crab? It doesn’t matter. Just try it the next time you come in. We don’t skimp on the crab, either.
  • Smoked Salmon Benedict – One of our most popular benedicts, we offer smoked salmon on a classic benedict. It’s great.


After you ordered one (or two) of the breakfast dishes listed above, you’ll probably either need to take a walk or a nap. Luckily, each Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill location is wonderfully complemented by its waterfront surroundings. Whether you want to enjoy the water at Vero Beach or Lake Worth, many guests prefer to take a short jaunt along the water after they’ve put the work in at the meal table. Once you’ve done whatever you need to do to get hungry again, it’s time to head back toward Mulligan’s for the witching hour — or should we say, the sandwiching hour! Below you’ll find fewer terrible plays-on-words and more delicious seafood from Mulligan’s.

Appetizers We Recommend

  • Firecracker Shrimp – If you like a bit of kick to go along with your seafood, our bread shrimp will talk back with a whole lot of attitude! And right now you can get our Firecracker Shrimp, Wings, Flatbreads, Nachos, Margherita Pizza, for half-off during Mulligan’s Happy Hour! In case you were wondering, our Happy Hour is from 3-6pm, every day!
  • Key West Conch Fritters – We’ve mentioned them before in previous blogs and we’ll probably highlight them again down the road. Get tender queen conch in a herb batter, fried to a golden brown and served with our renowned Cajun remoulade. If you’ve never tried tender queen conch, now’s the time.
  • Seafood Trio – One of our most widely-liked appetizer selections, it’s tough to wrong with the Seafood Trio. Get our famous conch fritters, Mahi fingers, and our sizzlin’ Firecracker Shrimp to boot!
  • Mussels aren’t for everybody, although we aren’t quite sure why. Try our tender mussels, bathed in an exquisite tomato wine sauce. You can add pasta for an additional charge if you are feeling like mussels should be more of an entree and less of a starter.
  • Spinach Artichoke Dip – Our house recipe served with tortilla chips. It’s tough to go wrong with spinach artichoke dip at any restaurant, but when you let the master chefs at Mulligan’s whip you up their own version, it’s a starter that’s well worth your time.
  • Drunken Onion Rings – Beer battered onion rings with Cajun remoulade. What’s not to like?

Lunch Menu Items

  • Asian Dragon Salad – We offer our Asian Dragon Salad for folks who are looking for something on the lighter side yet don’t want to sacrifice any degree of flavor. Complete with breaded Firecracker Shrimp, Mandarin oranges, sesame seeds, rice, noodles, and salad all topped with a sesame ginger vinaigrette, this is a great change of pace to help make sure you don’t feel the need to nap for the second time in one day!
  • Fresh Mahi Sandwich – You know Mahi, you like Mahi. When you get our Fresh Mahi Sandwich, you can get one served grilled, blackened, or Jerk-style!
  • Ham Slam – A toasted hoagie roll with ham and topped with 100% cheddar cheese sauce. Delicious.
  • Lobster Taco – While we have a Lobster Melt, Lobster Roll, and even a Three Cheese Lobster Mac option, we would recommend starting with the Lobster Taco. It’s a lobster-filled grilled tortilla with sour cream, pico, lettuce, cheese, and served with rice. It brings out everything you like about lobster in a subtle way. Yum.
    Baja Fish Tacos – Our Baja Fish Tacos are loaded with blackened Mahi Mahi, cheese, lettuce and pico de gallo served with rice. You can substitute with chicken for an additional charge.
  • Lobster Pizza – What, you thought we were done talking about Lobster dishes? This is Mulligan’s — one of the top family-friendly seafood restaurants in the entire state of Florida. So if you’ve never tried our Lobster Pizza, all we can say is that you definitely should. Get tender lobster with a unique lobster-based sauce alongside spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, parmesan, and mozzarella cheeses. It’s worth making the trip down to Florida in its own right!


You have a great time at lunch, but three-quarters of the way through your meal, you get afraid you are going to sink through your chair because you are getting so full. While this is certainly understandable, all we can tell you is to BUCK UP — you’ve got a Mulligan’s dinner to look forward to. So take a nap, go on a bike ride, swim in the ocean, watch NYPD Blue reruns — do whatever you need to do to get ready for a fantastic Floridian seafood dinner at Mulligan’s. Below are one or two of our favorite entrees that we offer.

  • Fried Grouper Sandwich – Yes, a sandwich can be had for dinner, especially when it tastes as unbelievable as our Fried Grouper Sandwich! Get perfectly seasoned and fried grouper on a toasted kaiser roll. On the side, you’ll get some house chips for the ideal complementary crunch.
  • Crispy Tuna Roll – Our fried tuna roll features a fried Thai-ginger wrap with Ahi tuna & vegetables served rare with Asian slaw & wasabi cream. It’s perfectly spiced, so give it a try.
  • Beach House Surf N Turf – Get our masterfully-grilled 10 oz. top sirloin steak (ask for it with bleu cheese and bacon) along with a skewer of jumbo blackened shrimp. It’s a flavor-combo you won’t soon forget. Choose from French fries, Caribbean rice, or mashed potatoes as your side.
  • Island Grouper – No, we aren’t serving avid fans of Bob Marley as a dish, but we are serving Fresh Florida Grouper topped with house-made pineapple salsa! Try it grilled or blackened.
  • Linguini & Clams – Try tender Northern Middleneck clams bathed in a white wine garlic sauce. As is the case with all of our seafood, pasta, steaks and other entrees, this dish is served with soup, house salad, or our caesar salad.

Libation Recommendations

We wouldn’t be very good at what we do if we failed to mention a few of our most popular adult beverages. Though we are certainly a kid-friendly restaurant, what party isn’t made better without a few libations!?

  • Sauvignon Blanc, Oyster Bay, New Zealand
  • Key Lime Martini – Dessert in a glass. Svedka Vanilla Vodka & key lime liqueur
  • Garden Fresh Mojito – The original, fresh limes & mint mixed with Bacardi Superior Rum. Add a flavor for an additional charge, choice of peach, strawberry, coconut, mango or raspberry.
  • Hurricane George Cocktail – Named after Mulligan’s fearless owner, the one and only George Hart!    This Mulligan’s cocktail packs a punch with Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum yet goes down smooth and puts a smile on your face!
  • Coastal Coladas – Coconut, pineapple & Cruzan Rum. Choice of original coconut, strawberry, mango, banana or raspberry. Whichever you pick, you are probably going to order another. That’s just the way it goes!

Come See Us At Mulligan’s Soon!

With locations in Sebastian, Singer Island, Vero Beach, Jensen Beach, Stuart, Lake Worth, and Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, there’s never a bad time to get a world-class seafood meal at Mulligan’s. As you can no doubt tell from the wide range of seafood (and landfood) menu items we’ve listed above, the odds are strongly in your favor to have a blast — no matter what time of day you come to see us! Come see us at Mulligan’s soon!

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The Wonderful Benefits Of Seafood

Mulligan’s is one of the very top choices for folks who are looking for tropical restaurants, seafood restaurants, beach restaurants, or even kid-friendly restaurants in Southeastern Florida locations like Vero Beach, Lake Worth, Jensen Beach, and beyond. No matter which Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill you visit, you can be sure that you’ll receive some flavorful seafood items that will tickle your tastebuds! What’s more, each of our seafood restaurant locations has a relaxing yet vibrant waterfront atmosphere. Whether you come for the happy hour, our family night, or you are simply a fan of high-quality seafood, there are plenty of reasons to come enjoy some perfectly prepared seafood at Mulligan’s!

As if our succulent crab legs and perfectly seasoned fish dishes weren’t sufficient reasons for you to come see us a minimum of one per week, we have prepared a veritable dossier regarding the wonderful benefits of seafood, as the title of this piece no doubt gave away. If you are learning some fun facts about nutritional benefits that have to do with fatty acids, skin and hair health, and other fascinating tidbits, keep reading! We’ve got you covered with today’s post about seafood’s benefits.

Necessary Nutrients

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years, there’s a good chance that you’ve already heard about the astounding effects of Omega-3 fatty acids, which can help build strong bones and improve overall joint health. We’ll highlight the fatty acids in their own section, we are simply mentioning fatty acids because it seems like an inordinate amount of attention is given to this point, while there are plenty other nutritional benefits that aren’t getting their fair share of the limelight.

And while it’s difficult, and flat-out wrong, to say that all of these forthcoming vitamins can be found in each fish, we’ll point out some of the most commonly found nutrients. Among them are B-complex vitamins, vitamin B, and vitamin D. If you are unfamiliar with B-complex vitamins, those are the ones like B12, B3, biotin, etc. B-complex vitamins are helpful in a variety of ways, among them being energy production, general skin health, concentration, blood and nervous system development, and metabolism.

Other fish, such as salmon, are prime opportunities to get your vitamin A. Vitamin A is also helpful in a wide range of ways — aiding the reproductive system, immune system, vision, and beyond. Vitamin D, which you can find in salmon, helps build strong bones and teeth because it helps your body absorb calcium. So try salmon and milk together sometime! Well, not together together — we aren’t suggesting you make a salmon milkshake or anything. Just make sure you help your calcium absorption along with a little vitamin D from time to time. That’s all.

Other fish types are rich in iodine, zinc, phosphorus, and potassium, which are all essential vitamins in their own right.  

Protein Intake

Though health fads fade in and out of popularity among the general public, there’s no longer any debate revolving around how much we need protein. Not that it was ever too much of a debate, but the jury is decidedly in about how indispensable an ample amount of protein in our diet really is. While it might be a challenge for plant-based individuals to make sure they get enough protein each day, you don’t have that problem if you are a fan of seafood. It’s an ideal source of lean protein in the same way that chicken is.

Chicken is great and all, but there is only one kind of chicken…chicken. Fish, on the other hand, includes white fish, salmon, catfish, pike, cod, shark, swordfish, trout, mackerel, perch…we think you get the point. But even if you aren’t a big fan of fish, you’ve probably never tried them all! If you don’t like the “fishy” smell-factor that goes into eating certain kinds of fish, we recommend you try Mahi Mahi sometime. Be like Kevin James says in the hit CBS sitcom The King of Queens when he just discovered a fish that tastes like meat, you’ll soon become an avid fish foodie!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

We said it was coming, and we also mentioned that you probably are familiar with some of the benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids. But here’s your refresher, just in case; Omega-3s, which are found in shellfish, oily fish, and non-oily fish alike, are essential nutrients that perform a wide range of essential functions in our body. This kind of polyunsaturated fat cannot be produced by our body, which means finding them in seafood is a great idea. Known to be a significant “building block” of the brain, Omega-3s impact heart health, vision health, and heart health. Research also shows that regular intake of Omega-3 fatty acids diminishes the risk of contracting Macular Disease. In fact, the MD Foundation tells folks to regularly eat fish to make sure people are getting enough Omega-3s. We agree! And, lest we forget, these fatty acids have been shown to reduce symptoms of arthritis and ease aching joints as well.

With regards to heart health, Omega-3 fatty acids have been studied to show they regular consumption can dramatically reduce the risk of cardiovascular trauma taking place. Events like heart attacks, strokes, and even arrhythmias can be reduced by getting a requisite amount of Omega-3s. While some folks get their daily intake from supplements, research shows that eating seafood for Omega-3 fatty acids is a superior way to go.

Low Fat

While it isn’t the 90s and the world isn’t obsessed with everything and anything being “low fat” (see Seinfeld’s episode about low fat frozen yogurt), most of us Americans should take every chance we get to reduce our daily intake of unhealthy fats. Seafood averages under 2 percent fat, making it less fatty than the leanest meat, including chicken. The other plus is that you don’t need to trim any fat away, like you might with a NY strip of steak. All you have to do is bake, grill, steam, fry, or come into your local Mulligan’s seafood restaurant, and you are ready to go!

Come See Us Soon!

So there you have it. There are other health benefits to seafood which we didn’t have time to examine in today’s post, so please forgive us. However, we do hope you are well-equipped to convince anyone who isn’t in the mood for seafood that it’s the right choice tonight. Whether you go to the fish market and prepare your favorite dish yourself or you’d prefer a relaxing evening on the waterfront at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill, it’s going to be a great evening. View our seafood menu here and come see us soon!

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Vero Beach Seafood Restaurants – Why Try Mulligan’s!

It’s pretty wild to think about how much ground we’ve covered over the past year or two of posts. Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill is a full-service Vero Beach seafood restaurant (with many other locations across Southeastern Florida), serving fresh seafood, delicious soft and hard beverages, and providing our customers with an authentic, family-friendly dining experience they aren’t soon to forget.

People find us online searching in a variety of ways, from typing in phrases like “waterfront restaurants” to “tropical restaurants” to “beach restaurants” to “family restaurants near me;” we do our best to make sure people know about what is going on here at Mulligan’s. There’s always a good time for the whole family to be found here, and that’s exactly what we are going to be talking about in today’s post.

Vero Beach Seafood

Though the past has seen us tackle topics like crab selection and preparation or things to do if you are visiting Vero Beach (besides eating at Mulligan’s, naturally), we are paying special attention to our Vero Beach seafood restaurant location today. Why? That’s an easy one! For starters, watch the video found on this page to get a visual representation as to how picturesque of a site Mulligan’s at Vero Beach really is. Located at 1025 Beachland Blvd., Vero Beach, Fl. 32963, the combination of world-class seafood, the ocean view, and a fun staff ready to host a great time every single night is tough to ignore.

Our Background

Founded in 1997 by George Hart, Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill began with the same family-oriented mindset we’ve carried through to the present day. While our chief goals include providing a welcoming place for locals and visitors alike, the bread-and-butter of our local seafood restaurant is, and try not to be too shocked by this assertion, is found in the quality of our seafood and other menu items. We’ll cap off this post by highlighting a couple of our top recommendations for you to try, whether you are a long-time, 21-year regular or you are simply looking for the best fish restaurant in Vero Beach. But before we get there, we want our prospective guests to know that we are true native Floridians, which really matters. We give back to our local community in a variety of ways, so be sure to check that resource page when you get a chance.

On top of that, we are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 365 days every year. Whether you are looking for an Egg’s Benedict with crab that is out of this world or you’d like some glorious fish tacos to go along with a refreshing cocktail as you relax the afternoon and evening away, we’ve got you covered at Mulligan’s Vero Beach. We host private events for affordable rates as well, so be sure to check out our private dining options! At Vero Beach, just so you know, we have a private oceanfront room that can hold up to 40 guests.

Seafood Menu Items Worth A Try!

For breakfast, we recommend our Crab cake Benedict, filled with Jumbo Lump Crab cake. For lunch, try our Lobster Roll; it’s tossed in our special sauce and seasonings in a toasted hoagie roll. It’s very, very good. For dinner, try our Monster Fish n Chips — fried white fish with fries. Classic, and delicious! View our whole seafood restaurant menu right here, and come see us soon!

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Why Everybody Could Use A Little More Seafood In Their Life

We’ve said it once if we’ve said it a thousand times — Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill is your go-to for delicious seafood, surprisingly tasty landfood, a great time with our friendly staff, and a breathtaking waterfront view at all of our seafood restaurant locations.

Okay, sue us, we’ve probably never said that once before today’s post, but we’ve certainly relayed the sentiments in posts of the past!

Speaking of past posts, we’ve covered quite a bit of ground over the past year or so. From providing our readers with fun facts about Florida to fun facts about fish to teaching them how to select and prepare crab to finding the appropriate alcoholic beverage to pair with your preferred fish to highlighting our favorite menu items, it’s safe to say we’ve enjoyed blogging for our readers.

However, given our variety of topics, you could potentially argue that we’ve lost sight of our bread and butter mission — focusing on what makes Mulligan’s the best seafood restaurant around. Whether you come to visit us at Vero Beach, Lake Worth, Jensen Beach, or at any other one of our Floridian locations, we believe that there are three keys to providing our customers with an exceptional dining experience.

In today’s post, we will highlight each of these three fundamental attributes. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Delicious Seafood

This one probably wasn’t too difficult to guess, seeing as how we are a local seafood restaurant in the first place. But what many first-time customers don’t realize is the variety of seafood dishes we have on offer. From our Lobster & Tomato omelet to our Crabcake Benedict to our Steamed Clams or Baja Fish Tacos, we know what we’re doing. The only thing is, you need to come in to experience the deliciousness for yourself.

Great People

If you’re familiar with our blog posts of the past, you’ll know that we pride ourselves on being a family restaurant. Our kid-friendly restaurant didn’t just start being a good time for little ones out of nowhere, it happens because we hire great servers, hosts, and kitchen staff. We want the whole family to have a blast when they come see us at Mulligan’s.

That being said, we want adults to have some fun while they are spending time under our roof as well. Our happy hour is unique and makes having a blast a little bit more affordable.


Seafood restaurants are nice. Tropical restaurants are great too. But if you can get a waterfront restaurant which combines all three styles, you really might have something there. Whether you want to come visit us at Vero Beach, Lake Worth, or Jensen Beach, you’ll be pleased by the soothing views to complement your delectable order.

Visit Us Soon

So there you have it — the three cornerstone pieces of Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill. We’ve worked hard to make sure that all three attributes work in tandem to provide our guests with a world-class dining experience. If you are a fan of fresh, well-prepared seafood, a fun staff, and views you won’t soon forget, come see us soon!

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Your Favorite Seafood’s Restaurant’s Favorite Fish Puns, Quotes, And Jokes

Bear with us on this one. We aren’t proud of it, but by golly, people need a dang fish pun, joke, and quote blog every once in a while.

Before we get going with our charade that is today’s post, allow us a word or two about our local seafood restaurants. Our Mulligan’s Seafood restaurant locations at Lake Worth, Vero Beach, and Jensen Beach provide world-class seafood (and landfood). On top of that, we offer an amazing dining experience. Whether you are looking for a waterfront restaurant with a beautiful view or want to sit streetside, you’re going to love the atmosphere we’ve worked hard to create here at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill.

Now that we’ve established that fundamental fact, let’s have some fun and dive right in!

Terrible, Terrible Fish Puns

Whale, to be honest, there’s a decent chance I’m going to miss that meeting, can we reschedule?

Yes I will dolphinitely have those reports with you by the end of the day. (Okay, this one is pretty good. We recommend trying to drop “dolphinitely” at your next business meeting. Go ahead, have a little fun. See if you can raise any eyebrows.)

I’m herring a lot of problems here but not a lot of solutions.

When we take this to court, he’s definitely going to be found gillty.

This isn’t rocket science. You don’t have to be a brain sturgeon to understand it. (These ones are just okay, we readily admit.)

You need to put your heart and sole into this business or you know where the door is

Any fin is possible if you don’t trout yourself! (Astounding.)

You can tune a guitar, but you can’t tuna fish. Unless of course, you play bass. (If you don’t like this pun, you aren’t welcome at any of our establishments. Just kidding, we just said that for the halibut. Are we krilling you yet? Just squidding. But all jokes aside, if you all can think of better fish puns, let minnow!

Joke Time!

Alright, thank you for your patience. Every seafood restaurant that has a blog is legally obligated to post a minimum of one pun-themed blog every year. If you’ve got a problem with that, take it up with your city councilperson is the best advice we can offer.

On to better things. Let’s have some fun. Let’s keep it clean. Here are some fish jokes the kiddos will love!

Q: Where do women fish keep their money?

A: In their octopurse.


Q: What do you call a crayfish with a messy room?

A: A slobster

That joke pretty much wrote itself. Not that we did…

Q: How did the guppies get to the hospital?

A: In a clambulance.

Here’s a joke we take issue with. Why did the writer select guppy as their fish of choice? Why not some other shellfish, like a mussel or even an oyster? That being said, it’s a great concept.

Q: Why are fish so well educated?

A: They swim in schools!

We don’t care who you are, if you don’t enjoy this joke, you might need to see a doctor. Once you get cleared, come to Mulligan’s seafood restaurant for some crab legs, and then read this joke again. You’ll be good.

Q: How do fish know their weight?

A: They have scales.

Good form.

Q: How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?

A: Tentacles.

Most people know this joke by now, and we think that’s fantastic.

Q: What did the magician say to the fisherman?

A: Pick a cod, any cod!

Good joke, for sure. Maybe it should be the magician from Boston to help explain the accent. Just our two cents…

Q: How do you keep a fish from smelling?

A: plug its nose.


Jokes For An Older Crowd

A guy is walking along the pier one day when he comes across an old man with his shoes off, trousers rolled up, legs dangling in the sea and fishing with an imaginary rod.

The guy’s confused, so he asks, “What are you doing?”

The old man replies, “Fishing for idiots.”

“Sounds good,” says the guy. “Can I join you?”

The old man says, “Of course you can. Sit down here next to me, son.”

So the guy sits down and casts an imaginary rod out.

We aren’t sure if there is more to this joke than meets the eye. Probably not, but still, we can’t help but think about why the idiot got his own imaginary rod out. We get the joke, don’t get us wrong, but that action is curious, perhaps even unsettling.

I sat and watched this guy fishing for four hours this morning.

Eventually he said to me, “Why don’t you give it a go?”

I said, “No thanks. I don’t have the patience.”

So the drunk fisherman walks several yards away and drills another hole.

As he peers into it he again hears a voice say, “There’s no fish down there.”

So he walks about 20 yards away and drills another hole.

Once again the voice says, “There’s no fish down there.”

The fisherman looks up to the sky and asks, “God, is that you?”

“No, you idiot,” says the voice. “It’s the rink manager.”

This joke might fly at a bar, especially if it were a hockey bar. Your call, though.

Our Favorite Quotes About Seafood

You can put the greatest seafood restaurant next to an average steak house in an urban area, and that steak house will do more business than the seafood place. If you go to the water, you can put an average seafood place next to the greatest steak house, and people are going to eat seafood. – Tilman J. Fertitta

Did we mention that Mulligan’s locations have seaside or waterfront locations? However, that’s as far as the comparison goes, seeing as how we are anything but an “average seafood restaurant.” Come and sit down next to the water and get treated to outstanding seafood, and landfood, should the mood strike.

Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing it’s not the fish they are after. – Henry David Thoreau

Whoa, this post got deep, real quick.

Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. – Albert Einstein

This is an excellent quote with which to end the post. Its applications are many, and its wisdom rings true. Thanks, Albert.  

Come See Us Soon!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this obligatory, nay, mandatory pun, joke, and quote blog about fish and seafood. It was a blast to compose, and hopefully you (and maybe your kids) have enjoyed some of these wordplays yourselves. Come see us at Mulligan’s soon! View our menu here.

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The Secrets Of Florida – Vacation Ideas That Are Off The Beaten Path

April 15, 2018

Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill has a lot to offer people in Lake Worth, Vero Beach, and Jensen Beach who are looking for kid friendly restaurants, “fresh seafood near me,” local seafood restaurants, fun restaurants, beach restaurants, tropical restaurants…we think you get the idea.

We’d be even more convinced you get the idea if you’ve been reading our past posts to any degree. Why? For a good while now, we’ve been offering readers some of our favorite menu items, fish and adult beverage pairings, and even some recipes and preparation methods for crab cooking in particular.

However, in today’s post, we’d like to take the time to talk about Florida as a destination. It’s no secret that Florida plays host to their fair share of tourists every year, and rightfully so. This state has a lot to offer tourists and locals besides only the beach and amusement parks.

Today’s post will depart from talking exclusively about our Lake Worth restaurant, Jensen Beach restaurant, and Vero Beach restaurant. If learning about a few places considered “hidden gems” by the people who have been lucky enough to visit them, read on! This post is for you.

  • Clewiston Sugar Festival – let’s start this list off with a disclaimer: not all of these suggestions are within a reasonable distance of Mulligan’s Beach House. This is more of a dedication to our native state rather than a plug piece for our restaurant or an exposition covering our favorite seafood recipes. That being said, Clewiston has been dubbed “America’s Sweetest Town,” in large part because of its history of sugarcane production. A secondary reason is that the locals are sweet as can be, but you won’t find that listed under official reasons for given nicknames, if such a list were to exist in the first place, mind you. Clewiston Sugar Festival happens every April (which is now!), when the town will come together to celebrate the culmination of another year’s sugarcane harvest. The celebration includes music, arts, libations, crafts, and plenty of sweet treats to tickle taste buds.
  • The Venetian Pool At Coral Gables, FL – The Venetian Pool at Coral Gables is know to be the world’s largest freshwater swimming pool. This pool, which was constructed in 1924, was carved out of the remains of a Florida coral rock quarry. It has something of a Mediterranean flair to it, what with the mooring posts and gondolas. But the true attraction of the pool is in its fascinating filtering system. Originally, the pool drained every day with freshwater replacing it from artesian springs nearby. However, over time this was deemed unsustainable because it was draining local water reserves. Obviously a solution was needed, and one was found in the form of daily draining the pool water by returning it to the aquifer, letting natural filtration clean up the waste water. This still happens during the spring and summer!
  • Gatorland – No, we aren’t talking about the “Swamp” down at the University of Florida (the nickname for their storied college football stadium), we’re talking about a 110-acre theme park and wildlife refuge found in Orange County Florida. It was founded around 70 years ago on what used to be cattle-grazing land. The place has over 3,000 reviews on Google, with a rating of 4.6 stars. Although we’ve never actually been to Gatorland, we know a thing or two about online reputation, and a review score like that means the place is worth checking out (assuming you have some degree of interest in gators, of course).

  • Who isn’t a fan of clear, blue water? Who isn’t a fan of floating down a stream of clear, blue water, with the sun of your face and abundant greenery surrounding you? Almost no one, in our estimation. That’s why folks looking to tour some of Florida’s hidden gems should look into Ichetucknee Springs State Park. You can either rent a tube or bring your own, but either way you are sure to have a great time while drifting down a lazy creek. Look into High Springs or Fort White if you are interested in staying in the area for a day or two — which you certainly should consider doing.
  • A Live Mermaid Show! – That’s right, at Weeki Wachee Springs STate Park, in Weeki Wachee, you can find a local favorite. Almost any day of the year you can go to the park auditorium to watch a fascinating underwater theatre performance. After that, you can kayak down the river and take in the lush surroundings complemented by the crisp, clear water beneath you. There are even water slides to be found at the park if that is more your style!
  • Cedar Key – As a society, our lives have never been more fast-paced and jam-packed with stimulation then they are right now. But one of the best things about the south, and Florida in particular, is that locals know how to take a load off every now and then. That isn’t always possible in your hometown, since pressures and expectations of everyday life always seem to get in the way of a relaxing afternoon or evening. However, Cedar Key, a quaint town just about an hour south of Gainesville, offers a wonderful escape to a bygone era. Old fashioned activities abound at Cedar Key, with prime fishing spots, gentle beaches, and natural preserves to spare. There is very little hustle and bustle at Cedar Key — heck, even the police officers drive around in golf carts! If you are looking for a little mental detoxification, we strongly recommend Cedar Key.
  • The Hidden Florida National Park – Most people only think of Spanish Fort in St. Augustine, Castillo de San Marcos when they think of North Florida national parks. But there is another, Timucuan Preserve, just northeast of Jacksonville. It’s 46,000 acres of salt marshes, hardwood hammocks, and dunes. The best thing about this national park is that it’s completely free. If you are a fan of nature, hiking, and maybe even some good old-fashioned bushwacking, we recommend making this a weekend getaway!

The Best Gem Of All

Although we can’t, in good conscience, call Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill a “hidden” gem, we maintain its attractiveness all the same. To anyone looking for a great happy hour, a family-friendly seafood restaurant, or a waterfront restaurant with exquisite views, you’ve just got to come see us at Mulligan’s. With seven locations in the area, you are sure to have a blast.

And if you are sitting there thinking that you won’t have a blast because you don’t like seafood, we’ve got a variety of delicious menu items for folks like you. Reach out to us today if you have any questions, or simply come see us at one of our Vero Beach, Jensen Beach, or Lake Worth Mulligan’s locations! It’s never a bad time for seafood!

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Lake Worth Restaurants: Why Try Mulligan’s?

April 6, 2018

In our most recent post, Things To Do In Lake Worth, Vero Beach, And Jensen Beach, we took the time to highlight some of our favorite activities both tourists and locals enjoy. From kayaking at Indian Riverside Park to checking out the Lake Worth Playhouse with the little ones, there is plenty the region has to offer besides delicious seafood at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill.

In posts before that, we got crab-centric, perhaps even crab-obsessed, which is definitely a thing you can get when you have access to delicious crab dishes served for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (like we do at Mulligan’s). We answered questions about whether or not you can microwave crab, how to select and pick crab, and how one should cook crab in the first place. Crab-enthusiasts or crab-maniacs? We’ll leave the distinction to our readers, but the long and short of the matter is that we have a few crab menu options that quickly become the favorites of anyone who happens to try them.

Whether you end up ordering a Calypso Crab Cake (a jumbo, lump crab cake topped with Key West Hollandaise), a Crabby Grouper (a fresh grouper filet topped with lobster sauce and paired with a delicious crab cake), King Crab Legs (A King of a meal with 1 lb Alaskan Red King Crab legs), or our one-of-a-kind take on the Bloody Mary Cocktail (exquisite crab and house-made cocktail sauce put in a blender), you are guaranteed to enjoy it. Except if it’s the Crab Bloody Mary, because that one was made up! Just making sure our readers are paying attention…

But that’s enough crab-talk for this blog post – we’ve got other things to discuss. Namely, why our Vero Beach, Jensen Beach, and Lake Worth restaurants are worth your time. Of course, we have Mulligan’s locations on Singer Island, Stuart, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, and Sebastian as well, but we feel particularly inclined to highlight these three locations in today’s post.

Keep reading if you’d like to learn a little bit more about Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill and who we are, aside from being one of the top seafood restaurants in the area, naturally.

A Bit Of History

For starters, Mulligan’s is a full-service and family-oriented seafood restaurant. We are open 365-days a year for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While we are certainly a family restaurant, don’t get the idea that we don’t enjoy hosting a daily party of sorts. We have happy hours, complete with delightful cocktails and other libations. We also have frozen drinks to enjoy while taking in the view, whether you are out on a street-side patio or are lucky enough to be snug up against the beach. Each of our seven locations has a water view, we are proud to point out.

We were founded in 1997 by George Hart. George Hart, who remains the president and owner of Mulligan’s Beach House, is a 30+ year veteran in the restaurant industry. As we have been growing since our inception, we are proud to have taken on acquisition partners in 2016. But just because we have JPB Capital Partners involved as an equity investor, it doesn’t follow that we’ve lost any of our authenticity or passion for making scratch seafood dishes. Our increasing popularity testifies that point, as does our long-time commitment to giving back to our South Florida community. We’ll touch more on that below.

Here’s a non-comprehensive, but fairly extensive list of the local charities that we are proud to support here at Mulligan’s:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Angel’s Pediatric Heart House
  • A Second Chance Puppies & Kittens Rescue
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Palm Beach & Martin Counties, Inc
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Cardinal Gibbons Football
  • Environmental Learning Center
  • The Coalition for Independent Living Options, Inc
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing of the Treasure Coast, Inc.
  • Dogs For Life
  • ​Cerebral Palsy Guidance
  • Embrace Life Children’s Foundation
  • Feed The Children
  • Girls On The Run
  • HALO No Kill Rescue
  • Hibiscus Children’s Center
  • HUMANE SOCIETY of the Treasure Coast, Inc.
  • Impact Broward
  • JDRF
  • Atlanta Falcons Football Club
  • Junior Achievement of South Florida
  • Stevenson Elementary School
  • Lake Worth Football
  • Leukemia & Lymphoma’s Team In Training
  • Martin County Football
  • Great Give PBC & MC
  • Martin County Tigers
  • Mesothelioma
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness
  • Patient Advocates at Mesothelioma Lawyer Center
  • Sebastian Sharks
  • Share The Stoke Foundation
  • SunCoast Mental Health
  • Vero Beach Football
  • Young Singers Of The Palm Beaches
  • Voices for Children of the Treasure Coast
  • Vero Beach High School
  • Youth Guidance Mentoring and Activities Program  
  • West Gate K-8
  • Whole Child Connection

For detailed information about each of these charities, check out our good works resource here. We are proud to relay that Mulligan’s has donated in the ballpark of $310,000 to a range of charities over the years. If you have a donation request, feel free fill out the form found on the page we linked to above. We’ll do our best to get back to you within 7-10 business days!

Private Dining At Mulligan’s

How do blue skies, a tropical ambiance, ocean views, and some of the best seafood in the entire region sound? Let’s sweeten the deal and make sure you are surrounded by your closest family and friends, since it’s your birthday!

Turn that hypothetical vision into a metaphysical reality by reaching out to us to schedule a private dining experience at one of our venues. We accommodate no more than 40 guests in our semi-private banquet room and we will take care of the whole experience! However you want to customize your event, just let us know, we’ll make sure it is one you won’t soon forget.

  • Vero Beach – Vero Beach Mulligan’s location offers a private oceanfront room that can contain 40 guests comfortably.
  • Jensen Beach – While our Jensen Beach seafood restaurant location doesn’t have a “proper” private room, we can easily accommodate between 25-30 guests in the main dining room, assuming we have adequate time to prepare for such a large party!
  • Lake Worth – Our Lake Worth tropical restaurant location offers two separate outdoor private areas. The West side patio can hold 50 guests with no trouble and the north side patio can perform the same function with 40 guests.

Contact Alison Watson at 772.600.7377 for all private dining and hosted event needs!

Come See Us Soon!

Even if you aren’t a fan of seafood, we have something for you at Mulligan’s, no matter if you see us for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or happy hour. At Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill, you are assured of a great time because of our incredible variety of great food, top-notch service, without forgetting the fact that we keep the place clean and sanitary at all times. That’s the foundation for a good time at any restaurant!

Whether you are interested in family night, happy hour, or getting some unbelievable crab cakes in your belly, come see us soon!

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Things To Do In Lake Worth, Vero Beach, And Jensen Beach

We’ve covered quite a bit of ground over the past few months. We’ve highlighted our non-seafood, or landfood, dishes that we have on offer, we’ve offered fish and drink pairing suggestions, we’ve told silly hypothetical stories about quests to microwave crab fish, and we’ve even shown the proverbial spotlight on our community involvement.

In recent posts, we’ve been focused on our crab dishes. Yet we understand that most folks aren’t able to come see us at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill every single day of the week for our famous crab dishes, so we’ve dedicated the past few posts to offering up some tips to help you select, pick, and prepare crab in the best way you can.

All that to say we will be shifting gears into today’s post. While we love our locals here at Mulligan’s, we do get plenty of walk-in traffic from people from out-of-town just passing through. Some of the most popular destinations for folks to come visit include Vero Beach, Jensen Beach, and Lake Worth. As it just so happens, we have tropical restaurants located in each of those communities, so we thought we could offer folks who are planning on being tourists in the area shortly some advice regarding things to do in Vero Beach, Lake Worth, and Jensen Beach.

And if you are a local, you can read too! Maybe you’ll realize there has been one or two attractions or hidden gems that have been right under your nose this whole time!

Lake Worth Attractions

From the storied Lake Worth Playhouse to the historic Lake Worth Casino Building & Beach Complex, there is a lot to like about the idea of visiting Lake Worth. Let’s take a look at a few of the top hot spots.

Downtown Lake Worth

For those of our readers with a flair for the exotic and unusual, we think you’ll find downtown Lake Worth right up your alley. The two main streets, Lucerne Avenue and Lake Avenue, boast a host of art galleries, boutique shops, live music venues, coffee shops, and top-of-the-line restaurants of all kinds. The area is known for being something of a hub for experimental music, a bohemian atmosphere, theatre troops, and a truly eye-popping visual arts scene. !0/10 we highly recommend passing through, even if you only have an hour or so to spare.

Lake Worth Playhouse

Once called the Oakley Theatre, Lake Worth Playhouse is the oldest building in Palm Beach County, according to the register of the Art Deco Society, which we presume to be an authority on such matters. Anyway, we mention the Playhouse of Lake Worth because it offers locals and visitors alike the opportunity to witness year-round dramas, comedies, musicals, and more. From children’s shows to Broadway classics and even world-famous ballets and operas, there is something for everyone (assuming you aren’t a savage and have no love for the performing arts) here at the Lake Worth Playhouse. Check out their site right here for relevant information!

Lake Worth Casino Building & Beach Complex

Nestled right up against the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find waterfront restaurants, shopping, and remarkable, 1920s-inspired architecture at the recently renovated Lake Worth Casino Building & Beach Complex. And don’t worry about the little ones being exposed to gambling either, because the renovation involved the removal of all gambling practices at the new building. At this storied Lake Worth attraction, you’ll find a park on the ocean, ideal for picnics. However, do you remember those Lake Worth waterfront restaurants we mentioned above? One of them is Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill, so we don’t really think you’ll need to be picnicking with our affordable and delicious seafood on hand!

Vero Beach Attractions

Guess what the number one attraction in Vero Beach is? That’s right, going to the beach. But not just any beach — there are certain full-service parks we recommend going to over others. Among the best are Golden Sands Beach, where you’ll find what you might expect at a classic American beach: lifeguards, picnic areas, restrooms, showers, snorkeling opportunities, and changing rooms. Jaycee Park offers over eight acres of oceanfront real estate and has something each member of the family can enjoy (we’d like to think, we can’t speak for every single family in the world, mind you). There is a playground, a boardwalk, a picnic area, and plenty of else to like!

Go Kayaking!

If you are feeling the water but maybe aren’t in the mood to sunbathe or swim, how do a few hours of relaxing kayaking sound? You can do exactly that at the Indian River Lagoon, a beautiful cove of sorts where you are sure to find more than your fair share of “photo opps.” Seriously, this area is known for being incredibly diverse biologically. You might see dolphins or one of the other 3,000 plant and animal species that have made this region their home.

Vero Beach Seafood Restaurants

Who are we kidding — there’s only one choice when it comes to getting delicious seafood at a fun, family-friendly Vero Beach restaurant. Mulligan’s has it all; we are open 365 days a year for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Come see us at Vero Beach soon!

Jensen Beach Attractions

Jensen Beach is one of the top places to visit in the Palm Beach area for more reasons than one. You can get a dolphin-watching boat tour, rent scooters and ride them along the coast, take a Segway adventure, have a spa day, go golfing, go to a children’s museum, go on a fishing charter, or attend one of the many local festivals. Let’s take a look at our favorite attraction in Jensen Beach, FL.

Indian Riverside Park

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our Jensen Beach waterfront restaurant location, Indian Riverside Park, also known as IRSP is rated the top park for families in all of Martin County. It’s a spacious 63-acres in area, and sits peacefully adjacent to the beautiful, aforementioned Indian River Lagoon (where you can go kayaking). The park offers a walking path, a mangrove boardwalk, a fishing pier, an interactive play fountain, a beach, a picnic area, and open grass fields perfect for ultimate frisbee, baseball, or basking in the warm Florida sun.

Like we said, there is plenty to do in Jensen Beach, Vero Beach, and Lake Worth. No matter what activity suits you best, make sure you cap it off with Happy Hour and some fresh-caught seafood at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill! We’d love to have you stop by and experience what makes Mulligan’s the top seafood restaurant choice in the entire Palm Beach area. Check out our menu and then come on over, whether you are just passing through or are a born-and-raised Floridian!

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Can You Microwave Crab?

March 7, 2018

So you are sitting there, contemplating your navel, until your thoughts give way to a pre-installed human need – hunger. But rather than getting up to go to the pantry and see what cracker box you can scrape some crumbs from, you sit there, still deep in thought.

However, your thoughts have moved from wherever they were – that’s not our business – onto a category that decidedly is our business – seafood. Yes, we are a local chain of seafood restaurants here at Mulligan’s Beach House Bar & Grill. With family-friendly restaurants in Sebastian, Jensen Beach, Stuart, Lake Worth, Vero Beach, Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, and Singer Island, we are never too far away for tourists and locals alike to get their hands on some world-class seafood.

What’s more, we are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day of the year. And if you are sitting there, no longer contemplating your navel to any degree, but instead are frowning thinking to yourself, “I don’t like seafood; I like LANDfood.” Well, the first thing we would say in reply is that you sound like a child, so maybe work on your attitude. The second thing we’d submit is that you are in luck, as we have a wide variety of seafood and landfood options. From breakfast platters filled with waffles, sausages, and eggs done any style to Steak Gorgonzola Flatbread and no-nonsense Southwest Burgers, there is something for everyone here at Mulligan’s. You don’t have to be a seafood nut to enjoy a kid-friendly restaurant’s atmosphere, weekly Family Night, or an affordably-priced Happy Hour!

Back To The Contemplation

Please excuse the digression; we can get carried away with ourselves when we start writing about all that our waterfront restaurants have to offer folks in Southeastern Florida.

So, let’s get back to the narrative. You are sitting there, hungry, but have yet to move. Why? You are thinking about crab legs – sweet, delicious crab. And not just any sweet, delicious crab. We are talking about Alaskan King Crab Legs. We are talking about a king of a meal with 1 lb Alaskan Red King Crab Legs, expertly prepared at Mulligan’s. Mmmm, sounds really, really good, doesn’t it?

That’s why you haven’t moved yet; you won’t settle for cracker crumbs or even imitation crab. You need the real deal at your favorite beach restaurant in Vero Beach (that’s us). But here’s the kicker – you aren’t anywhere near Vero Beach, Lake Worth, Jensen Beach, or Florida at all. You’re in Seattle on business, and you are sitting in your hotel room (you’ve been there a while, that’s why you don’t feel like going to the grocery store again, as you are leaving the day after tomorrow).

But you realize, leave you must. For at this point, crab legs are a non-negotiable must. But you don’t do anything without reading our recent post on how to correctly select crab from the market to get the appropriate pre-dressing and picking-the-meat tips.

After you’ve successfully followed our steps, you get back to your hotel room with your crab legs in hand. You are ready to bake your crab legs!

Wait. You don’t have an oven, the company you work for is way too cheap to put you up anywhere with an oven or even a stovetop. But hey, at least you have a microwave. But can you cook these succulent crab legs you just bought from Pikes Place Market in a microwave?

Keep reading to find out.

How To Microwave Crab Legs

Quite simply, yes, you can microwave crab legs, and it is usually fairly easy to do so because most crab purchased is already frozen and has been cooked on the boat or just after docking. This is done in order to preserve freshness, and that is fairly handy because all that is left for you to do is warm it up. So even if you’ve purchased freshly caught crab from somewhere like the aforementioned Pike’s Place Market in Seattle, there’s a chance that even those crabs have been frozen.

For the sake of conversation, let’s suppose it was frozen, because that means you can use a microwave to reheat them.

You’ll want to get a microwave-safe dish that can hold them all without becoming too cluttered. The rule of thumb here is for every ½ lb of crab, add one tablespoon of water. Then, for every ½ lb of crab, microwave between three and four minutes. Casserole dishes make ideal vessels for this process.

How do you know they are done? That’s easy – you can tell by smelling them or touching the meaty part of the leg to confirm they have warmed all the way through.

You’ll find that each microwave has its own peculiarities, and, as such, it’s a good idea to be watchful the first time you use a microwave to prepare crab. What’s more, crab and other shellfish are notorious somewhat notorious for being difficult to reheat. Hopefully these tips will behoove your quest to consume delicious crab, even if you are way too far away from the closest Mulligan’s restaurant location.

Clarified Butter

We’d be remiss if we failed to mention the fact that crab is greatly improved with some lemon juice and clarified butter. Oh, you aren’t familiar with clarified butter? Allow us to briefly explain. Also referred to as “drawn butter,” clarified butter is simply butter that has had its water and milk solids removed. In other words, clarified butter only contains pure butterfat. This gives it a higher smoke point than traditional butter, which means you can cook with it at higher temperatures without worrying about it burning. Another advantage is that clarified butter doesn’t spoil as easily, so you can keep it in your refrigerator for months at a time. Although, if you are in a hotel room, this doesn’t do you much good. However, one final benefit is that clarified butter, while lacking the classic richness of unsalted butter, gives a nutty flavor which complements the flavor profile of your Alaskan King Crab Legs in a unique way. We highly recommend giving it a go!

Come See Us At Mulligan’s

We hope you’ve enjoyed today’s pseudo-story time post. At the end of the day, if you are a Southeastern Florida local or plan on visiting the area soon, we’d love to see you at one of our Mulligan’s locations. Whether you are a crab fanatic or not, we are confident you’ll find something there you will want to try over and over again. The trouble is, there are too many good dishes to try to stay confined to only one choice!

View our menu here, and come see us soon!


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